Sharon Marcotte, Ph.D. Principal
-Ph. D. Education, Saint Mary's University
-M.S. Education, University of Minnesota
-B.S. Teacher Education, Saint Cloud State University(Minnesota)
-Teaching License from the State of Minnesota
-Teaching for 15 years and Administration for 6 years
-Past Headmaster of Saint Paul American School in Beijing
James Luko Vice Principal for Admission / Civics, Geography, Economics, Comparative Government, AP US History
-B.A. International Affairs, George Washington University
-M.A. International Politics, University of Waterloo
-TEFL Certificate
-State of Texas teaching licensure in progress K-12
Katherine Lavelle Vice Principal for Elementary / Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
-B.A. French, Canisius College, NY
-M.A. Education, Canisius College, NY
-Teaching License from the State of California
-Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the State of California
-Authorized to teach Pre-K, K-12, and adults
-Teaching since 2007
Wendy Wheat Nursery and 1st Grade
-B.A. English, University of California, Riverside
-Teaching Certificate in California
-Teaching since 1991
Torrey Evatt World History, English Compostion, World Literature, Senior English
-B.A. Business, Loyola Marymount University
-State of Florida Licensure in progress.
-Teaching since 2013
Michelle Dunham Math 6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Statistics
-B.S. Education, Arkansas State University
-Arkansas Teaching Certificate
Nicholas Santolla Life Science, Biology, Physics, STEM Program
-B.S. Political Science/Hispanic Studies, St. John's University, MN
-TEFL in progress
-Teaching since 2014
George Edward 2nd Grade
-B.S. in Finance & Business Administration
-Masters of Education – Elementary Education
-TESOL 120hrs. in class with teaching practice
TKT British Council
State of Massachusetts Teaching License (MTEL)
Kelsey Anderson 3rd Grade
-B.A. Liberal Studies
-California SB 2042 Multiple Subject Credential with CLAD and English Learner Authorization
-Proficient in Spanish
Necole Zemp 4th Grade
-B.S. Elementary Education, University of Nevada
-M.S. General Psychology, Walden University
-Holds License for Educational Personnel in State of Nevada
Shane Vincent Frenna 5th Grade
-Post Graduate Certificate of Education. University of Nottingham.
-Visual Arts Bachelor of Arts Degree. University of Washington.
-Teaching since 2005
William Stanley Ancient History, Modern World History, US History, Creative Writing, US Literature
-B.A. History, California State University
Pietsch Ashley Geography, History
-B.S. Social Studies Education, St. Cloud State University
-Teaching License from the State of Minnesota
Ezra Stephens John English, Creative Writing, US Literature
-B. A. English Education, California State University
-M.A. Education, Administration & Counseling
Georgi Taslev Performing Arts for 6-12
-Degree in Pedagogy of Music Training and Specialization: Methods in Piano Teaching, University of Shumen, Bulgaria
-Teaching since 2014
Alejandra Martinez Spanish for K-12
-Cognitive Education, ITESO, Jallisco Mexico
-B.A. Human Being Communications , Universidad de las Americas, Mexico city, Mexico
-Trainer of learning-speech-language therapists Speech-language therapist
Alberto Ronquillo Filipino Principal
-M.A. Education(CAR), Harvadian Colleges
-President of National Organization of the Professional Teacher, Inc.
-Vice President of Angeles City Public School Association
-Board Director of Angeles City Public School Teachers Association
Crystal C. Layug Middle School Language Arts
-B.S. Secondary Education in English, Republic Central Colleges
-Licensed professional teacher
-Teaching since 2005
Angelo P. Angeles Earth Science, Physical Science, Chemistry
-B.S. Nursing, Magna Cum Laude, Holy Angel University
-M.A. Nursing Administration, Holy Angel University
-Licensed professional teacher
-Teaching since 2008
Ryan A. Acido Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus
-B.S. Secondary Education in Math, National Teachers College, Manila
-M.A. in progress, University of the Philippines, Diliman
-Licensed professional teacher
-Teaching since 2006
Marlon Ventura Physical Education for 6-12
-B.S. Education, major in PEHM Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology
-8 years of experience teaching P.E. in primary and secondary level
-7 years of experience teaching in International school
Jeannine Sioco Fine Arts for 6-12
-B.A. Fine Arts, Major in Advertising, University of Santo Tomas
-Teaching since 2013
Roma Asuncion Nursery
-B.A. of Elementary Education major in General Education, Holy Angel University
-Licensed professional teacher
Danica Vergara Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
-B.S. Elementary Teacher Education, Major in Pre School Education, Pampanga Agricultural College
-Teaching since 2009
Katrina Layug High School ESL / ELD Teacher
-B.S. Elementary Education major in General Education
-Mabalacat City College
-M.A. Teaching Early Grade K-2, Bulacan State University
-Licensed Professional Teacher since 2015
Alyssa Marie Roque Punla Elementary ESL Teacher
-B.A. English, Republic Central Colleges
-Additional Units - Methods of Teaching
-Saint Anthony School of Technology
-License Teacher since 2015
Mira Gueco Elementary Arts and I.T.
-B.S. Elementary Education major in General Education
-Holy Angel University
-Licensed Professional Teacher 2014
Rameses Mangilit Music and Physical Education for Elementary
-B.S. Secondary Education major in MAPEH
-Holy Angel University
Lian Tiesong Chinese
-B.A. Major in Chinese and Chinese Literature, Guangxi University for Nationalities
Rongli Wei Chinese
-B.S. Major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Guilin University of Electronic Technology
Huang Lidan Chinese
-B.S Major in English for Science & Technology North China University of Resources and Electric Power
Siwen Yu Chinese
-B. A. English, Guizhou Education University